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What are Dark patterns?

Dark patterns have been defined as any practices or deceptive design patterns using UI/UX (user interface/user experience) interactions on any platform; designed to mislead or trick users to do something they originally did not intend or want to do; by subverting or impairing the consumer autonomy, decision making or choice; amounting to misleading advertisement or unfair trade practice or violation of consumer rights. Under the Guidelines, following Dark patterns have been specified:

  • False Urgency
  • Basket sneaking
  • Confirm shaming
  • Forced action
  • Subscription trap
  • Interface interference
  • Bait and switch
  • Drip pricing
  • Disguised advertisement
  • Nagging

Who Can Participate


  • Students(Diploma/UG/PG)
  • Research scholars (JRF, SRF, Scientist, Research/Project Associate etc.)

Construct of “The Dark Patterns Buster Hackathon (DPBH) 2023”

Host College Registration and Approval (Participation Round) Register/Login

  • DPBH 2023 Website opens
  • Registration link opens for Colleges to Participate
  • Confirmation of the College Registration
  • Appointment of College Coordinator

Intra-college Round of DPBH 2023 Project Pitch & Evaluation of Idea

  • Host college to start registering the participant teams
  • submission of proposals at the host college along with detailed solutions of the problems with architecture & framework etc.
  • Announcement of rules for the participants by Host College
  • Host colleges to organize one day Intra-college DPBH 2023 in physical mode
  • Evaluation by Jury formed by the registered college
  • Shortlist/Elimination Process
  • Issuing Certificate of Participation to all the participants
  • Announcement of Round – 1 Results (10 Teams Max.)
  • Issuing Certificate of Appreciation to the Round – 1 winners
  • Announcement of shortlisted 25 Teams for Grand Finale of DPBH 2023 at IIT(BHU), Varanas

Grand Finale of DPBH 2023 Project Pitch & Evaluation of Idea

  • Shortlisted Teams to Pitch their Idea and improvise
  • Evaluation of prototype
  • Participants to demonstrate the final solution
  • Assessment by the Jury

The Award ceremony

  • By a dignitary, PM/ Minister for Consumer Affairs.
  • Award of cash prize and issuing Certificate of Excellence.
  • Large scale media coverage


  • The “Tech-hackathon” besides evolving solutions will also serve to stimulate inquisitive minds and help foster the spirit of disruptive innovations in Naya Bharat. The quest to design an app or software that can detect the use, type and scale of dark patterns for ecommerce platforms is one such step. The Hackathon will also serve to boost and rejuvenate innovations, foster competition and assist in the development of India’s IP solutions for existing global problems



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